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What is 10ft10

10Ft10 is a cloud based software platform designed to free you up, enable you to market yourself smarter and be far more efficient with your time. We have access to traditional advertising platforms at better than market rates, Digital and Social media Advertising and Direct Email Marketing. Our job is to generate new business leads, qualify your new customers and hand over hot leads to you.

Why we built
the platform

The 10Ft10 platform was created to help small business operators in the Australian market to streamline their businesses, to manage customer interactions better, to develop new income streams, to generate and manage leads, to give you a platform for growth. All of this in a Cloud based environment so you can be productive anywhere at anytime.

Who should use 10ft10

  • Any Business that sells product
  • Business to Business sales
  • Any company that wants to drive new business
  • Sell to any Industry by any vertical by any filter you choose
  • Any Time, All the time, Whilst you sleep
  • Because your’re smart and you know the business world has changed
  • Because you want to Outsource your Sales activities
  • Because your business relies on qualified leads

If you are in the business of supporting clients and need to generate new leads, then 10FT10 will help you retain and grow your customer base. The platform will improve your efficiency and add dollars to your bottom line.

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A platform designed to help you grow and connect with your customers

10FT10 is a cloud based software platform designed to create more business opportunities, enable you to market yourself smarter and be far more efficient with your time. Win new customers and retain them, that’s business made simple.


  • Marketing

    10FT10 can design tailored marketing solutions specifically designed to identify and produce leads for your businesses. Working with our EDM email marketing team, specialist SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, Facebook and website conversion specialists, we can develop a marketing program to suit your budget.

  • Customer Interaction

    A shared file where both you and your customer share and process loan applications and keep all your customer data in a single database.

  • New Income Streams

    Our tools enable you to create new income streams with existing and new customers. Ask us how!

  • Lead Generation

    Drive more leads from existing customers, drive better ROI on your marketing spend, talk to us about purchasing qualified leads directly from 10FT10.

  • Debt Reduction & Family Budgeting

    You have free access to the Family Budgeting and Debt Reduction tools. These tools are branded with your company name, give them to your customers and become their trusted advisor.

  • Brand Customiser

    Automatically brands your company with every single customer interaction, so you are seen to be providing smart technology for your customers to use indefinitely.

  • Asset Reporting

    With a single click you have all your customer data in one report giving you clear vision of the services and opportunities you have with your client.

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  • Outsource your Marketing and Sales

    Sales and Marketing departments are costly. We all know you need great marketing and sales professionals to compete in these flooded markets. But, you don't have to pay $100,000s in staff wages, keeping staff on the books all the time. Talk to 10FT10 about how we can create a virtual Sales and Marketing team that you pay for only when you use them. You don't need a large Sales and Marketing team to compete......You need to be smart.

  • Purchasing Leads

    Purchase qualified leads within the 10FT10 platform. One of the most difficult issues presenting business is searching for qualified leads. We have a vast network of industry related groups that enables 10FT10 to qualify leads and pass them onto you.

  • Marketing

    Using the 10FT10 platform to generate and manage your own leads is always better than buying and searching for new leads. Talk to one of our experienced representatives about how we can assist you.

  • Our client who was an experienced broker had built up several thousand prospects and customers. He had no way of keeping his company and brand top of mind in the prospects mind. He was therefore losing existing customers and past prospects because they forgot about his service.

  • He solved that problem by using the 10FT10 platform that automatically branded his company with all his past and present contacts. This saved his business several thousands of dollars in advertising and purchasing leads. His clients now see him as a trusted advisor and his clients remain closer, stickier to his business.

  • The financial benefit of having embedded customer relationships has seriously added to his bottom line. Furthermore, his business now has a much stronger return on dollars spent on advertising.

  • In the 21st century it has become common place for all industry sectors to identify 'in common' or synergistic services that enable your business to remain front of mind with clients and generate new revenue lines. Financial service advisors, accountancy firms and mortgage brokers are not any different. If you do not remain relevant and a valuable partner then you will have many competitors that will happily take your position.

  • Our client wanted to become more innovative and offer integrated services to her existing clients. For example, many of our clients are currently using the 10FT10 platform to regularly communicate with their clients to ensure they stay on track achieving their budgetary goals. The 10FT10 platform contains proven debt management and budgeting tools that enable you to develop a more consultative approach with your clients and prospects thereby generating a new revenue stream.

  • This has created achievable results for her clients and produces an ongoing revenue line whilst giving clients a sense of accomplishment. Great results for all. Furthermore, our client is continuously engaging with her customers, gathering data and ensuring her position as a trusted partner.

  • Our client is a professional with deep expertise in her field. Her new business needed new revenue fast. Her ability to deliver an outstanding service was not the issue; her spread across industry or lack of network meant time taken to win new customers could potentially leave her company starving for revenue. A precarious situation for all new businesses.

  • We created a Social Media program directed toward her existing networks and created an Email marketing program directly to potential markets.

  • Our client has been receiving several new business leads per week. New revenue is being produced. Growth is on the agenda.

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